Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Show BN the door

A few days ago, I was in my favourite restaurant sipping away the heavenly coffee in Manjalara neighbourhood. That was when i saw a young fine looking dude franctically looking for a place to sit and i offered him and his gf to share my table which he happily accepted.

As usuall..a conversation started and it revolved around how nice is the coffee and the vegetarian nasi lemak. Before we could realized it crossed ever to politics as if its the norm in adult conversation in Malaysia.

This dude is an Iban from Sibu..and he has been in KL for 5 years.As the conversation grew..there was a clear line seperating us.. I was morappreciative of Pakatan and he is very toletrant towards BN. Thats not bad. Not bad at all. After all its a democratic country.

And to prove a point to me..he went on to say that PAS had been ruling  Kelantan for more than 20 years and see how backward it is. That was when the conversation took a slight heat. I asked many times he had gone there and visited the place in first person.. To my dismay..he said none..but he gathers his opinion from TV and newspaper...and that put a big smile on my face.

  I asked him about Sarawak and Sabah which is more than 40 years under BN. I asked him if he realized that more than 60 % of villages there have no electric and treated drinking water. Asked if he realized almost 80 % of villagges have no road connecting them. and the worst..Sabah N Sarawak is the 2 most poorest state in Malaysia. And Why is that?

To which, he could not say anything.  Why am I writing this here? Its because there are many youngsters who were influenced by the BN propaganda demonizing pakatan states..when in reality..BN fixed deposit states..had been treated like slave states.

Please wake up and show BN the door. 


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