Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kuala Selangor Has One of The Best Sunset In The Country

An effulgence of wonder, Thats the sunset of Kuala Selangor. Anyone who had visited this remote rustic village town and witnessed it surely will agree that its one of the better ones in the country.

I as a regular jogger at the hill, always make it a point to catch the magnificent setting of the glowing sun, gently embedding itself at the distant horizon. Awakening golden clouds, always in a splendid formation as if it hailed from heaven to please the viewers. Exotic birds randomly crossing viewing angle and truning it into a photo perfect picture from National Geography.

Walking into this 18th century fortress gives you a chilling mystified frisson, engaging one to the ancient world of rigid life. The solitary beheading platform will never fail to send shivers through the spine once the mind started to modulate the events took place there centuries ago.

The calming odour of the sea breeze and the exhilirating view of the never ending shoreline will emancipate your nagging troubles away.From top of the hill, the unfolding mangrove forest below is a foreground to the daily glorious occurance being painted by magical brush. It represents the efflorescence of nature at its best. Anyone who wish to visit Kuala Selangor, make it a point not to miss this majestic crown called Bukit Melawati and the spectacular sunset which is truly the Jewel In The Crown.

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