Monday, May 16, 2011

AyahandaTok Guru Nik Aziz

Politicians better be wiser. Stop trying to measure up to the PAS spiritual leader's track record. And stop attempts to run him down.

Lately, there have been some errant politicians trying to get pot-shots at the leader of PAS - be it about the absurd sex-video or the sleazy sodomy trials, or on some religious issue.

They forget that Tok Guru is not a politician of their standard. In fact none can ever measure up to this saintly man. Look at the way he leads his life. Simplicity. Humility. Caring for the orphaned and destitute.

Listen to the way he speaks. Always so profound yet so simple. Young and old, learned and simpletons can relate with what he speaks.

Look at the way he lives. Look at his dwelling. Look at his official and unofficial car. Look at his attire. Look at his living and lifestyle as well as eating habits. And he has been consistently so for all our living memory.

Many people who took the trouble to meet this diligent, Gof fearing, Islam loving leader come away with awed and overwhelmed that they did not know that here is a senior veteran and head of a large political party who is so humble, simple, caring and without greed. Someone who respects all humanity despite their diferrent creeds.

Can any one of our politicians measure up to this man? No!

So stop trying to rake mud on this icon of inspiration in this contemporary and worldly environment. Stop throwing your cheap, tarnished, soiled and tainted political dares into the pathway of Tok Guru for you cannot even fall in the shadows of this man.

If anyine has any doubt about this great leader, then please pay him a visit in his homeground. You can be rest assured he will not C4 you. You can be guaranteed that he will not brush you aside with burly bodyguards. You do not even have to worry about what gifts to bear for he takes no bribes.

It is most unfortuante that Malaysians have had their eyes clouded, their ears deafened from getting to know, understand and appreciate a living legend who leads such a modest life despite being the leader of millions of followers.

(Source: J. D. Lovrenciear. A reader of Malaysia Chronicle)

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