Monday, May 9, 2011

Jessica Simpson and Her Fashion Disaster

Have you ever wondered how a woman would look like if she rushes out of toilet hardly without time for washing her..$@&%#.. He..he.. Well don't waste your imagination prowes..just look at the picture above and it tells you everything.

Jessica Simpson's oversized, sage-green turtleneck sweater, which she's worn repeatedly since the spring of 2005 gives the impression someone running out of toilet during earth quake. This past Saturday, the sweater made yet another cameo in Beverly Hills when Simpson paired it with a leopard print handbag, blue suede platforms and seemingly nothing underneath.

Simpson's sexy spin on the sweater dress look sparked to ask, "Is she starting a new trend?" We can't see many women following suit. The look is deceptively low-maintenance: We would throw on this comfy sweater over jeans (or visible shorts), but never as a dress (even if we had legs designed by Tracy Anderson, Simpson's pre-wedding personal trainer). And those are some major heels right there; our feet hurt just looking at them. The sweater, the heels, the purse -- it's all too much.

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