Monday, September 22, 2008

Utusan dares Kok to take lie detector test

Okay..if you are wondering what is it.. read on :

""Barely two hours after her release at the Jalan Travers police station at 1pm, the Selangor state exco member came face to face with her accusers again.
At the press conference in DAP headquarters today, Kok was asked by an Utusan reporter if she was willing to take a lie detector test to convince Malaysians that she had no part in the azan controversy.
DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang leapt to his former political secretary's defence, questioning the questioner, "For what?".
"They (the police) released her already, proving that they were wrong. Isn't that enough?" said Lim.
Not to be outdone, Kok upped the ante, saying that the lie detector test should first be used on her accusers before they ask her to take the polygraph test."" -Malaysiakini

ha..ha..ha... the word.. all this while the highest court in Malaysia was the Federal Court untill it was overtaken by Mahkamah Sumpah. Now we have the highest court of justice called Mahkamah Utusan Malaysia.

So beware you politicians out there.. after this, the Utusan Malaysia reporters may carry a lie detecter and catch you fellas on the spot with your pants down.

Imagine they are asking Najib : Ada kah benar Datuk tak pernah jumpa Altantuya..? (Answer : No)
Guess how the detecter will sound.. at his answer..

I guess it will go like this.. oink..oink..oink (it means this fella is a bloody fucking liar)

Next question : Dato, did you get any commision for buying the submarine? (Answer : No)

I guess it will go like this.. ting.. tong..ting..tong.. ( it means : this moron is a born liar..)
To Saiful Bukhari : 'Were you really sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim..? (Saiful : Yap)
The lie detector went on like this.. ka..ka..ka..ka..ka..ka..ka..
It means : His fart cracking, foul smelling arse hole never even seen a finger going in except his own.
And The reporters turn to PaK Lah and ask : Do you think our economy is okay? ( Answer : Yes its okay)

The detector goes berserk.. tang ding gong mang ping jong kang tang ding gong ping jong kang
(it means : this guy lies even when he is talking in his sleep..
The bottom line is why should they ask Theresa Kok to take a lie detector test when they should be asking Khir toyo, Ahmad Ismail, Saiful Bukhari or even Syed Hamid Albar to go for it and save all the trouble. I was wondering why they never asked Anwar to go for it? May be they don't want the whole world to know that he has the numbers..he..he..he..

What have this country come to?


Anonymous said...

Utusan is the real racist news paper. They should be charged under sedition act on many accounts

Anonymous said...

now...thats the paper that has "Penyuebaran Fikiran Rakyat" as its tag line.. what the $#%^^$#@ they are spreading now man

arip leman said...

the american have their "the moment of truth" tv programme
and malaysia would have their first one
and its first participants
is politician....
i love malaysia
its politic is UNIQUE

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