Friday, September 5, 2008

Mpnaped.. Overseas trip to prevent kataks

Retreat? Or another Booty Camp?Ahhhh, this is interesting. So the venue is kangaroo land.What a coincidence.Loyalty test could it be?

They are going to walk the plank to see if they are truly loyal to Bonaparte.

Captain Jack Sparrow is sponsoring his yatch for this event.

Trip agenda prepared by Biro Tata Negara. Rather it should be Bye -O -Ta -Ta - Negara.
We will not be coming back.

Those who failed the loyalty test can have this options to choose from ;

1) Jump into the Great Barrier Reef with some Great White Sharks. ( Not play golf with Greg Norman)

2) Survive in the Great Out Back with some Dingos or crocs. (Dungus and buaya darats need not take part.)

3) Stay in Tasmania with some Tasmanian Devils. (Sorry, Devils’ Curry is not in the menu)

Those who survived will be accepted to join PR.

One more thing. Those whom are accepted by PR, we will deduct your new ‘revised down’ salary to pay the bills for this trip.It is the rakyats’ money anyway.

Those rejected by PR, consider this trip as our ‘Golden Hand Shake’.

We will still deduct from you. Get our friend Ah Long to loan you some cash.

And YES ! I am going to have a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

arip leman said...

haha funny sir!
u could be the next raja lawak la
hidop anwar!
hidop rakyat!

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