Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UMNO Has Lost Its Track.

UMNO which was founded in May 11, 1946 was initiated by the charismatic Dato Onn Bin Jaafar.Initially it was to uphold the aspirations of Malay nationalism and the dignity of race, religion and country.[2] The party also aspires to protect the Malay culture as the national culture and to uphold, defend and expand Islam.

But today after more than 50 years of absolute power, UMNO has become something of a laughing stock for the informed populace and the international community.Once it was revered by Malays as their saviour but now increasingly seen as an institution who silently betray its own people.

The biggest question that plays in every thinking mind, why after 52 years..the Malays are still left behind in terms of wealth. What had UMNO done with all the money the country garners from various sources. Where had the wealth gone.? A question that UMNO happily blames on the Non Bumis for unequal distribution of wealth.

But somehow the people beginning to realize, The UMNO controlled government, has not only fail to protect its own people but it also more than happy in keeping thenm in the dark on many sensitive matters.

Thru state owned and state controlled main stream media, the goverment systematically brainwash the public in creating racial tension. The media, lie, distort and distribute manufactured figures on economy dan other important aspect of governance.

The latest Bersih incident, proved how low the UMNO led goverment had sunk unto. The Bersih campaign was targeted to ensure corruption free election and UMNO deemed that as going against national aspirations and security. This is the greatest joke ever created and distributed by the Government. It also shows that UMNO is the biggest part of every corruption, manipulation and wrong doings so much so it has to protect itself from being scrutinized.

Thus we have a series of comedic statements from unstatesmanly characters. The people see UMNO as a sinking person who will do anything to grab hold onto something to stay alive.

The Malays deserves something better than UMNO, which will ensure their dignity and self respect being upheld.

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