Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Converse...

Speech is an important form of communication. Everytime you open your mouth, you not only reveal your cavities and plaque but about yourself too. Not only in what you say..but in how you say it. So say it clearly and sincerely. Huhh..sincerely? That part is the hardest..he..he.. So how do we have an effective communication? That depends on, who are we asking. If one asks a politician, he will say "lies" will make great speech and make any conversation interesting.

Why not? Remember Mahathir and his bersih , cekap and amanah slogan? He bersihkan khazanah, cekap in repressing the truth ( he doesnt even admit that he is an indian) and amanah to all his cronies.. Followed by our sleeping beauty PM Abdullah Badawi with his cemerlang , gemilang and terbilang shout. Now he sudah hilang. Now we have One Malaysia, and everyone know its (g)one Malaysia. Ok..ok..ok.. i agree i digress...

When you talk make yourself heard without shouting, interrupting or talking over others, Say what you think and how you feel without hurting others feeling. Check out the do's and don'ts below.

Conversation DO's

- Look at the person or the people you are talking to. (politicians look at their future)

- If you haven't met before introduce yourself and ask for their name.

- Use a person's name when talking to them..or if appropriate use Cik, Puan, Encik, Dato..

- Ask questions when you don't understand something,

- Stick to the subject

- Say nice things about people and praise those who deserve it.

- Its fine to disagree but disagree politely

Conversation DON'TS

- Don't fidget, look else where or wander off when someone else is talking, (or tidor)

- Don't listen in on conversation you aren't part of ( aiiyo thats our national pastime maa)

- Don't interrupt when someone else is talking ( how if its go on and on,,pengsan lorr)

- Don't whisper in front of another person (aiiya.kalau zip ada buka mau cakap direct kah)

- Don't whine, tattletale, brag or say mean things about others, ( I will exclude politicians)

- Don't ask personal questions (Waaa.. ini baju Petaling strret marikah?)

- Don't stare or point ( ayoyo..if the person has a breast the size of large watermelon ?)

- Don't argue about things that aren't important ( in Malaysia every thing important maa)

- Don't over nod your head.. ( nampak sangat drama nanti)


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Sir... kalau interview macam maner ya?

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what about bad breath? ha..ha..

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