Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stay Clear Of Nuclear

Aaahhh..its nice to be back after such a long hiatus.. A self imposed ban from blogging , a personal tragedy and the biggest comedy show of all on earth : The Malaysian Politics made me stay away from blogs. Tell me many of you really felt like throwing up when reading statesments from politicians. Goshh .. I nearly had a heart attack.

What really made me write again is the nuclear talk. Pheww..the gomen is really adamant on these. Well bright sparks.. in other countries where they have nuclear power plants.. they never blamed it on God when there is a mishap. Only in our country we see .. every landslide, flash flood and even road cracks are concluded as the act of God and no one even take responsibility or resign.

The elevated highway called MRR2 had more cracks than Samy Velu once had hair..(oppss..that was before he replanted) and now the elevated highway is wrapped up in a space age net,.( read it right NET) , the roof of a stadium collapsed and the same guy got a manmmoth contract again.. to put a roof over a VVVVIP resident and the list go on and on..

You see..these unaccountability that we are famous for is what making me shit in my pants when I heard our gomen is sooo keen in building nuclear power plants. God.. who is gonna man it. Never mind..we can afford to send 2000 people to be trained in the USSR . You mean the really qualified ones,, ? What quality..? Well if these 2000 meritless qualifiers fail to complete the training. dont worry.. we can always choose substitute from reallity programmes where the public will choose the ones they like via sms..

Muhyiddin, if you really put your money where your mouth is, why don't you build exclusive homes for all our cabinet ministers ( PM and DPM included) around the nuclear plant to prove that it is safe indeed.

Do you have the balls to take up the challenge?

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