Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day The World Stool Still..a movie review

Chicago Sun-TimesRoger Ebert
"The Day the Earth Stood Still need not have taken its title so seriously that the plot stands still along with it." more... (C)

Chicago TribuneMatt Pais
"Keanu's most bogus journey in years." more...(D+)

E! OnlineMatt Stevens
"...soulless, overblown extravaganza..." more... (C-)

Entertainment WeeklyOwen Gleiberman
"...plodding..." more...(C-)

Hollywood ReporterKirk Honeycutt,
"Super-serious but very lame remake of a sci-fi classic." more... ( C)

OK..This is your catch..if the critic doesn't like it, it means its a great movie.. It was the day the cinema stood still right from the very first frame. At times you wont even wink.

"The Day the Earth Stood Still" is a remake of a cult hit . There isn't much here you won't remember from the 1951 classic, even if you haven't seen it. What everyone knows is that a spaceship lands on Earth, a passenger named Klaatu steps out and is shot, and then a big metal man named Gort ( underwear maa) walks out and has rays shooting from its eyes, and the Army opens fire.

That movie is at No. 202 in IMDb's top 250. Its message, timely for the nuclear age, is that mankind would be exterminated if we didn't stop killing one another. The message of the 2008 version is that we should have voted for Al Gore. This didn't require Klaatu and Gort. That's what I'm here for. Actually, Klaatu is non-partisan and doesn't name names, but his message is clear: Planets capable of sustaining life are so rare that the aliens cannot allow us to destroy life on this one. So they'll have to kill us.

The mission of the movie is to connect with the alien vision which holds the mankind as the destroyers of this life sustaining planet. If you come out away..thinking about our role in pollution ; even for a second, then the movie had achieved its objective.

The director did a wonderful job when it comes to action scenes and its pretty convincing. For me this is one of the great movies of the year with an important message.
Verdict : A


Anonymous said...

I dah tengok semalam, memang best lah sir.. Sir cite tu cite lama ya..

Anonymous said...

hi Sir, This is Altima, I saw the movie after reading your blog..memang truly best. Knape kritik tak suka sir..

Aiman said...

Sir! Im 1 of ur DMJ Students..
Sry lah kena reveal ur identity..
xtau camne nk contact sir XD..
Sir letak la satu chat box @ blog..
So sng skit nk chat :D

Aiman said...

Or maybe sir visit blog saye XD

Syafiq said...

Sir!i'm one of ur dmj students too,i dah tgk cerita tuh,best wohh!!hehe

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