Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DPM; You Lie Again

(The following is taken from "bodohland". Thank you Francis.)

1. Mr DPM, it is known fact that even a cabinet minister can’t see you unless he/she goes through appointment, time and phone calls. Why is it so easy for unknown dropout to have a meeting with you at your private residence?

2. If he was “traumatized” (he he), does that mean every traumatized Malaysian has an easy access to your home and time? I’m traumatized, can I come now?

3. Why did he choose you? Why not the PM? Ahmad Zahidi, the Religion Minister? Zaid Ibrahim, the Law Minister? Karpal Singh, the senior lawyer? Ustadh Hadi Awang, the Politician and PAS Leader? TG Nik Azziz? The Selangor Mufti? The Perlis Mufti? The ACA? The Police? His Parents? His fiancee? UMNO Youth? Foreign Embassies? Why did he chose you alone? And why is it so easy for him to meet you even in your highly guarded private home where you rest after work while even MPs can’t meet you there?

4. You denied seeing, meeting him on Monday. You said he has only met your officer for scholarship purposes (though he has one and left it). What happened to that statement? Why did you buckle?

5. The boy said he was sodomised one day before he lodged the police report, (Thursday), but you met him earlier and you said he came to complain of sodomy. This means he went to Anwar after meeting you to be sodomised again. You met him when Anwar was in the Holy City of Medina with Dr Aziza performing Umrah, when they came back on Wed. afternoon, the boy said he was sodomised on Thursday. But the boy has been meeting you before. Don’t you think you have sold out your very self?

6. You “told” the boy that it was “up to him”, in case he wanted to file a police report about the sodomy charge. (He he). But Mr DPM you know that sodomy is criminal even if it is out of consent. So how can you fail to order him to seek redress in a court of justice in relation to a crime? Is that’s how you want to lead the nation?


PAR Najib Tun Razak said...

gua tau sape jaga!!!!sikit jam lagi saya sama itu SB punya orang kasi tangkap sama lu potong lu punya konekk!!!lu masuk penjala,wa main lu punya belakang macam itu filem HANCOCK...

your sincerly
Pembantu AM Remdah

LeeZ said...

PAR... Kau nak eja 'RENDAH' pun tak betul... nampak sangat IQ kau berapa...

pua kang kang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

People like you are the true sodomite who sodomize the country and carry the balls of the its leaders..shame on you

Anonymous said...

Yap..PAR you are disgusting. I agree with the other chap, you are the true sodomite. Kalau nak sangat bantai je Rosmah tu..

gloria said...

What lah you PAR, just like the BN gomen, cannot stand the truth

shaka said...

PAR Najib : Pembantu Am Rendah Najib.. so thats how low (rendah) you go.. to make your boss happy

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